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Top Things to Do in Salt Lake City, Utah

Millcreek Canyon Grandeur Peak Salt lake City Utah
My dog Hunny hiking to the top of Grandeur Peak in Millcreek Canyon in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is my stomping ground. It is a place I am so happy to call home for many reasons. When most people think of Salt Lake City, they immediately think of Mormons- and for whatever reason, it deters tons of visitors from venturing into town. I however love my mormon neighbors. They are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet, and I have found they’re always willing to lend a helping hand. They also contribute TONS of money into making Salt Lake City a beautiful and safe place. Living in Salt Lake City is marvelous because Utah is home to 5 National Parks! Utah has the most national parks of any state in Country. We also have incredible mountain ranges such as the Wasatch Mountains, and Uintas. Also, Utah has the highest average peaks of any in the country! Our highest peak is Kings Peak which reaches 13,528 feet. Just be careful if you’re coming from somewhere with a  low elevation, at 10,000ft above sea level you run a really high risk of getting altitude sickness-which is some serious stuff! Just be sure to acclimate before heading too high up the canyons.

I mostly love living in Salt Lake City because I am so passionate about the outdoors. Every season offers an array of outdoor activities to keep you preoccupied. It also has “The Greatest Snow on Earth,” so if you are into winter sports and you haven’t visited- you’re in for a treat! However, Utah also has some funky liquor laws. If you walk into a grocery store here, don’t expect to buy a bottle of wine or any liquor. You have to go to the liquor store for that. Also, if you pick up a twelve-pack of beer from the grocery store, drink half and wonder why you’re not buzzed… I am sorry to inform you that we do unfortunately carry lower point beer in the grocery stores. You are absolutely able to buy full percentage beers from the liquor store, but I’ll admit, it is inconvenient. The good news is- Utah has some AMAZING local breweries. I am not kidding, head over to the liquor store and pick up some local brew. Its soooooo good!

So you have heard some of the good, bad and ugly. If you’re wanting to visit Salt Lake City, but are wondering what to do- look no further! Here is my list of favorite things to do in Salt Lake City!

  1. Head up Salt Lakes Millcreek Canyon

    Millcreek Canyon is an incredibly lush, and gorgeous canyon located right off the I-215. If you have a pup who loves to hike, this is especially the place to go. It is one of my favorite canyons in town, and has some incredible hikes for any skill level. Some of my favorite hikes are Grandeur Peak, Desolation Trail ( I encourage you to hike past the overlook, its so serene and goes on forever! Also, the elevation gain is modest, so its a really nice relaxing hike.) Remember that odd days are “dogs off leash,” day, and even days are biker days. There is a $3/vehicle fee when exiting the canyon.

    A picture I took while waiting to get first chair one morning at Brighton Ski Resort
  2. Go Skiing or Snowboarding

    The most popular Ski Resorts in Utah are Park City Ski Resort and Snowbird.  They are GORGEOUS resorts, but because of that, it will cost you. If you’re looking for a resort that is still phenomenal, but more of a local scene, check out Brighton Ski Resort. Brighton is so much more affordable, and is home to amateurs and pros alike. They have amazing terrain parks, lots of tree runs, and plenty of groomers for all skill levels. It really is a friendly resort for any skill level, and unlike the other resorts, Brighton has a “brown bag” area, where you can bring your own lunch and eat indoors. You can even hang out in Molly Greens, right on the mountain and drink some amazing local brew beer while enjoying a burger!

  3. Rent a Bike and Cycle the City 

    One thing I LOVE about downtown Salt Lake City is that it is so bicycle friendly! You can either rent a bike from a local bike shop, or use Salt Lake City’s GreenBike system. One of my favorite biking paths in the valley is on the Jordan River Parkway Trail, but you can also go to and see some other amazing routs that will take you on cycle tours all over downtown Salt Lake City. If you anticipate biking to get around Salt Lake City (it really is easier and cheaper than driving) then opt to try, you buy a sticker for $5 and put it on your helmet, and receive discounts at tons of different restaurants, shops and bars downtown!

  4. Natural History Museum 

    The Natural History Museum of Utah is a wonderful place to go to check out cool exhibits. It has an awesome Sky exhibit, which tells you all about weather, climate, astronomy, and the sun, and includes an awesome rooftop terrace. It also has exhibits for Native Voices, Life, Land, First Peoples, Gems and Minerals, The Great Salt Lake, Past Words, Our Backyard and Utah Futures. The NHMU is truly a wonderful place to spend the afternoon, and is right next to the University of Utah!

  5. Check Salt Lake City Night Life 

    Stop Laughing! Im totally serious! Salt Lake City does in fact have some wonderful night life. If you’re interested in seeing a show, check out the Off Broadway Theater, or stop into Wiseguys for some good ole stand up comedy. We also have an absolutely stunning new theatre called the Eccles Theatre downtown. For something a little more interactive, check out The Tavernacle, or Keys on Main for some Sing-a-long piano duels. If you’re more into hip clubs, Sky Bar is for the coolest of cats around. If you just want to sit with a delicious local brew, head to Beer Bar, they have a HUGE selection of amazing beers.

  6. Historic Park City Main Street 

    This iconic street is home to tons of restaurants, bars, shops etc. I would be the worst advocate for Salt Lake City if I failed to point people toward Park City’s Main Street. One of my favorite things to do there is watch shows at The Egyptian Theatre.

  7. Temple Square 

    Last, but certainly not least you should definitely check out Temple Square in Downtown Salt Lake City. It is three blocks worth of information about Mormonism, which, most people know way less about than you would think. It also has the largest genealogy library in the entire world! But, without fail you must- I repeat MUST check out Space Jesus. If you don’t know what I am talking about then you’re missing out. Head to Temple Square and find him.

I hope you get the chance to see Salt Lake City, because it really is a marvelous place. The extent of my love for where I live reaches well past any of these destinations. I know not everyone has the time to delve into the richness of every city they are visiting. Like I said before, the number one thing I love about my life her is the outdoors. Spring and Summer are coming up quickly, in which I will begin documenting some of my favorite outdoor adventures around the area. So keep posted for that.

Thanks for Reading!