A Few Snippets From Some Previous Adventures

Everywhere we looked it seemed we saw signs along the Cliffs of Moher that said “Caution Falling Cliffs” so what do we do? Stand really close to the edge to get epic shots.
This was the beginning of a jaunt across the Cliffs of Moher to Doolin in Ireland. The cliffs are breathtaking. We did not however realize that the trip was 10K with our 35lb packs! Worth it.
Hiking in Bryce Canyon National park. We were hidden in the hoodoos.
At the top of Torc Mountain in Killarney, Ireland.
Ah the legend of Giants Causeway. Perhaps another story to tell. No one can explain how these hexagonal rocks came to be, but there sure are some fun stories people tell about them.
Enjoying Stonehenge the cheap way. Again, another great story goes along with this picture.
Hunny after a long hike up Neffs Canyon at the tail end of a big storm.
This is where I woke up one morning. Nestled in my hammock in the lush greenery of Diamond Fork.
This is up near the top of Grandeur peak in Millcreek canyon. We were over 10,000 feet up and Hunny was feeling it!
We were camping a night in a cave in Green Canyon in Logan. Hunny was antsy to get up and explore, but we were sleeping the morning away. Hunny says “get up, you’re wasting the day sleeping!”