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Here is where you will find advice, inspiration and stories to help get you outside and ready for adventure. This blog will be proof that you do not have to quit your job to become a professional traveler/adventurer. Instead, I am here to help you get the most out of where you are at in your life right now. Adventure awaits in your backyard, are you ready to explore?

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Couch-Potatoes Guide to Hiking and Adventuring

When I am in the couch potato zone going outside and exploring new places sounds daunting, and hard… Ugh, then I probably have to drive, and pack my bag, and walk. Its a whole to-do. When you are feeling that way, and don’t actually want to just sit at home, but don’t know how to get off the couch- refer to this list!

Lake Blanche moose big cottonwood canyon

Story Time: A Moose Almost Ran us Over Hiking Today! It was terrifying

Naturally, we both about crapped our pants. I had been on alert, and like always, I was scanning our surroundings for wildlife. The problem was, there was a deep drop off heading down to the river where the moose must have been drinking. We were far enough away from the drop off to where we could not see anything down there.

Camping Scotland Front Yard Smoo Cave

I Camped in a Strangers Yard in Rural Scotland?!

We had camped the previous night on the bank of Lochness, and woke the next morning set out for our bus to Inverness at the tippy-top of Scotland. In Scotland it is totally free and legal to “wild camp,” so for the majority of the time we were in Scotland we tried to camp.

Blind Musicians Dublin Ireland backpacking

I Unknowingly Jammed With Blind Musicians While Backpacking Ireland?!

After singing along to all of these tunes for awhile, a woman who was sitting near us stood up from her seat to use the restroom. In the process she bumped into several chairs and knocked over a wine glass. Our attention quickly sprung her direction, when we realized she had one of those sticks that blind people use to see. Then I started looking around a little more closely…